Nigeria Golden Gate Apartment

The Golden Gate Apartment (Huakai Hotel) of Nigeria belongs to the Golden Gate Group of West Africa. The apartment is located on the 15th road in the first district of Lagos, Nigeria, close to the rich area. The transportation is very convenient, the public security is good, the environment is spacious and quiet, the supermarket and the vegetable market nearby. The apartment occupies a total area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters. The main body has a four-story building of more than 500 square meters, a large warehouse, and an attached room of nearly 300 square meters. There is a free parking lot in the apartment for tenants. Apartment tenants are all Chinese. After years of dedicated operation, the apartment has undergone several renovations and renovations and upgrades. There are currently five rooms in three rooms and one hall, ten sets in two rooms and one hall, seven sets in one room and one hall and several single rooms. The bedroom is equipped with air conditioning, the bathroom is equipped with a water heater, and the bathroom, water and electricity are complete. The apartment has security and is on duty 24 hours. Every day someone cleans the house, there is a hydroelectrician who provides free maintenance services 24 hours a day, and there are constantly increasing supporting entertainment facilities. The main reason is that the place of residence is very safe, so it has won unanimous praise from the tenants.

Strict management, preferential prices, first-class service, Golden Gate Apartment is the best choice for Chinese

The purpose of the apartment: Tenant satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!


Location: Opposite Christ Church, Road 15, Lagos Lekki District 1

Contact: Mr. Chen

Phone: 09078288888/09058844433

Domestic contact: Ms. Wang 15210330152